Staff Incentives

Staff incentives are another great booster for the friendliness of the working environment. Staff incentives need not impact on profitability, but rather enhance it. There already exist many low-cost incentives used by business managers today, for example:

  • Flexitime can allow staff greater freedom in their work-life balance. Generally, employers require staff to be at work during certain core hours, with flexibility built in around these times.
  • Transport loans can be cost-effective and easy to implement: your company pays up front for travel costs and then recoups the money through monthly payroll deductionscan include season ticket loans.
  • Gym memberships are now very popular, and if you have a health club near your office, this is a relatively easy perk to implement. Negotiate a staff discount and then pass the savings on to staff.
  • Giving extra holidays is an effective way of rewarding long service or loyalty. It doesn’t cost anything, as long as you don’t need to employ a temp to cover any shortfall in work.
  • Handing out Performance awards in a relaxed, social setting is a fun, low-cost way to recognise hard workers and gives employees something to strive for. An engraved plaque and a voucher for a local restaurant won’t break the bank and will be greatly appreciated by the recipient